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My familars

Okay there - this is from from a dear friend, so i will repeat in best knowledge and belief..really!

Got tagged from BasileusIoannis! 

Da Rulez:

1. You should post the rules.
2. Each person should post 5 things about themselves in their Journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in his journal and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You should choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and say you have tagged them.
6. No tags back.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

Five things about myself.....hmmmm.....:

1. I hate to read books or see movies where people run around with a tech, what implied that the one little item, what would be needet to solve the plot with a push on a button, is basic offer on every kiosk for five bugs. I don´t squint specially on SciFi-genre, noooooooooo, i would never.....

2. I always wonder why 80% of the plots in all medias can only get spread to two hours+ cause of the charakters don´t talk to each other-.-

3. I hate the third edition of things.....most time i´m right with it, no matter what exact case......(but if anyone needs some examples, Vampire the Masquerade/Warhammer 40K/Star Wars P&P RPG/CRYSIS/Mass Effect...)

4. If i have time to waste i play mindgames with every single of my Charakters. No matter of in my storys or in P&P RPG. 

5. I never made an difference between interacting with male or female people, and have a lot of fun watching other people getting confused through watching it. Specially if they think they are pro-equality.

So than - step to the pre-determined questions of Basileus:

1. Uhm... i think i would be water. Discontinuity is a trademark of mine. But also moment-of-inertia-acting. If in motion, i begun to like my work, love it and more far i went to a special kind of tunnel vision insanity. 

I´m progressive, and if i gain forced, i react against the force in exponentially intense. Like to be free, like to fight, not for the profit rather than the fight per se. 

And...i got some roots to the Nordsee(German sea) and love the sea at all. 

2. ....That´s tricky - for shure another one that i would choose;) I´m a person who like it´s statistics, so i would try to shield myself from all problems. But my talents are much better in confusing and manipulation, even i see it as a gift for playing, not to get benefits. I can stop it on people who don´t try to fight, or reduce me. So...i think i wouldn´t like this kind of powers, cause it would make social contact to worth an estimated people impossible. Sounds like an lonesome, introvert Villain against it´s own will, ah? Kind of...DC-ig.....

3. Tooooo be honest...not really. Sport is ok, even most sports associations are corrupt as hell, i like sports. But not enough to cheer for a team, or even a single sport. Sorry, i live in Europe and had to see Soccer fans for three decades....i think no one can judge me for the will to stay away from this kind of people:stare:

4. Not a bit. I love my statistics and predictability - why else shoud i had to learn so much about functions and causality? It´s, and that´s a contemplation after watching the involved functions and causalitys, the result of a lionspart noumber of people who rather give ther fate in the hand of luck or religion than trying to gain enough informations about the circumstances to know what will happend(with a chance that the informations are false or have some lack, but this is at last a chance to guide the own life). 

Oh and - incredible luck did exist. It´s the psychological filter of human brains to see the droping aircraft miss ther head about two centimeters, but not the single rain drop who hits exactly ther heads, beneth a quadrillion others, falling on a whole country. Stupid people makes: "whaaoouu! O.O".

5. Hehe, what category of games?

Ok, on the table there are Warhammer 40K, so many options, so many components, i love it, even the producer did everything to ruin my fascination. Then i loved chess very much, it´s so funny to watch people watching you playing xD

Best thing ever, was a two hours game while talking about political themes. About ten people watching my opponent and me playing(im a great peformer, much better than chess player). Than someone came in and want to talk to me, told, that it is very important. So i excused my from my opponent and make a move what don´t let him a way out. I giggled the next ten minutes after leaving xD(It WAS just happenstance doesn´t looked so).

Games games - Mass Effect 1+2, Crysis 1+1,5+2, (the last)Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

And my personal favorits under the favorites, Pen&Paper rpg, at first Astara, then M-Tec and Shadowrun. And the live-versions for sure, LARP. Fantasy-LARP.

Okay, that´s it! i need some victims i think:plotting:. But don´t worry guys, that´s no obligation, i wouldn´t judge about those who not tag again - i leave it to our gods&conscience xD

1. Who´s you´re favorit entertaining politican(in which way you like to understand it, but please tell me in what perspective you answear)?

2. What´s the most silly and/or funny misunderstanding about roleplaying(not that computer versions, but it´s ok if you don´t have points of contact with Pen&Paper or LARP)?

3. What´s your favorit movie, and why?

4. How you would organise a perfect society(you got the tools you need)?

5. What´s your favorit fictional reality? No matter if from a movie, game or your personal fantasy.

I tag:



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I'm doing some new stuff for the Shadowrun 3 RPG just for home use to keep this nice system for the future.
Now i also do some works for the Astara - the fourth Age and Magic&Technology roleplaying game

My Avatar was done by :iconbeagon:
Thank you very much.

Current Residence: near Frankfurt
Favourite genre of music: EBM, Electro
Favourite photographer: Me, myself and I
Favourite style of art: Fantasy and SciFi
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: A cheap one?
Wallpaper of choice: The one my girlfriend chooses for me?
Favourite cartoon character: Beaver Brothers
Personal Quote: -.-

Quote of the Day:
"Partiotism is the small mendacious brother of facism!"

"Wer lange genug in Scheiße schwimmt merkt das selbst Scheiße Auftrieb hat"

"Freude ist nur der Mangel an Information" - Nico Semrott


Chummers, die Matrix ruft zur Promo des Straßensamuraikataloges 2.0

Jetzt wo sich die ersten hundert und eppes Artikel des neuen Kataloges im Netz befinden sind Runner, Doc´s, Schieber und Militärs aller Art gefragt um ihre individuellen Erfahrungen und Einschätzungen zu den Artikel abzugeben. Denn ein Onlinedokument ohne Shadowtalk ist ein totes Dokument.

Nehmt eure Charaktere und/oder NSC´s und schreibt was die denken - einfach den Comment-Text in kursiv setzen und den Charakternamen drunterklemmen.


Das is doch eh alles von der Wirtschaft gekauft un von den Bullen gedreht...
- Brian the Meatmachine


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Lemmy-koopaling Mar 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Nice gallery! :)
NikitaTarsov Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanx a lot, also for watching=D
Lemmy-koopaling Mar 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No problem! :)
Hey, do you do request able art? ^^;
NikitaTarsov Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Sorry dude, i don´t - it´s much enough work for the rpg i have to do. All rest time goes in my own story illustration, for what i have far too little time unfortunally:/
But i can advertise the Google SketchUp program, it´s not that tricky to learn, and there are a lot of helpfull(beneath a bunch of crapy dirt) tutorials in web, specially on DA.
(1 Reply)
:squee:YAY!! :+fav: thank you :squee:
NikitaTarsov Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
:squee:thanks for the :+fav::iconcheerplz:
NikitaTarsov Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
A pleasure^^
Gerne doch. ^^ Hab mich grad ein bischen in deiner Galerie umgeschaut und muss einfach sagen - Badass. ^^ Wirklich gut gemacht, sehr beeindruckend. ;-)
NikitaTarsov Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Das freut doch sehr zu hören=D
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