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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 4:45 PM

I mentioned some changes on DA and really wonder how this crap could be the result of people who are on DA at itself - These changes are just ideas from marketing-only minds. But i´m not here to offer my personal behavior or just consume, if i would, i wouldn´t be on DA. I would be on Twitter, Facebook or all this other pseudo-social stuff. 
Now i feel relegated to an unwanted part here, to the art-creaters. The new navigation is hell for working with it, but well, maybe it´s quite nice for mobile device users, but this people didn´t create art, they just consume with fickle attention. And if DA troll out all artists, the consumers wouldn´t feel much loyality for DA without art. 

So please, review why this changes had been made, and what kind of people decided it, and for what reason. 
Btw.: For the guys with the money: Not even the value worth of DA will rise through more short-time members, cause every one who would invest money would also check the reasons for such a spontaneously appreciation. And this is a perfect example for a economy bubble. Inflated market value at the cost of the worth of tomorrow.
Another point are the new everyone-can-see-what-everyone-does settings. Facebooks history tell us how good this snoop around behavior of sites work. Unfortunally the Facebook-guys allready made ther money with it, now it´s too late to make money with the same ploy about. If you want to sacrifice peoples trust for money, you have to be quick, and than run fast like all the other locusts. 
At the moment its close to an legally question if you can activate ads concerning to personal informations without even ask of inform the users, that´s close to data-theft(Hey, DA´s lawyers may say this is a controversial statement, but the people who hit the "leave" button surly would have another perspective). Even these ads and settings are made by mistake(then just axe the programmers) they are insultingly not-that-smart. Most of the creating and community-strengthening people are paying members, so they got rights, and place value on quid pro quo.
The actuall things happend in real-world politics as well as on the web show that people are more fearsome than ever before to get disregarded ther self-determination, and angry, if they get treaten like DA actually does. If someone behind the site missed to see this - send ´em back to buisness school, but please, don´t sacrifice DaviantArt. If you like it like Facebook, than go to Facebook.

Anti activity widget stamp by Andecaya

I see that ther is a loos for the feeling of personal data and freedom of choice. I also see that different lands have different basic settings, so American users have much more to deal with than European - for example - has. What in fact mean: They know that they deceive us, and value the amount of this unwanted gifts back on the social tolerance of the individual market(aka land). 

More funny stuff: Ther´s a new feature to show us new members on DA. Nice so far, but all of them has an icon, and this for sure isen´t the full number of new members, so we have a two class society here, the cool ones with icons get´s a welcome with champagne on the front door, and the rest must use the staff input.
I feel so community today....

It was a great improvement that now all of my watchers get´s the message that somone randomly call my an assh***. That´s wonderfull, and for the reason i now has 400% feet value i never had watched at my own wish, i´m surely will spend my attention, concentration and karmic calmness with deleting useless spam instead of watching possibly cool artwork. 
If anyone - whatever the reasons are, my fantasy doens´t suffice to guess something - saw an use in this inundate with information garbage, it would have been an option, not an basic setting. An basic setting means: "Deal with it or leave, servant!"

I wonder why the resident bugs on DA are not interesting enough to fix them, this could had keep occupied the programmer enough to not spend ther time with funny ideas to annoy us. 

It´s so wonderfull that daily i found more creepy stuff. Now i see that sites, similar to DA, like ArtCorner for example, are disabled. So i can´t make a route from DA to other similar sites. Cause it´s an competing product. DA doens´t allow me to make a free decicion, in Germany, such a setting would be an infringement of freedom of expression, and so illegal, i wonder why the homeland of democracy and freedom of expression doens´t care for such restrictions - but much more i wonder how an site for artists - traditionally bit more world-open in mind - can make something, and didn´t get a**kicked from ther members.

It´s monday! Another feakin´ day, another freakin´ ******* idea DA brought to use: Now, the shown works also show the tag´s what the artist implent. Okay, why is this usefull? Isen´t a an watcher not still at teh work? Or did he/she/it need it to see the similar topics? What if the artist have some tags for special briefed people, like friends and familars, who know what they should search about?
Oh, this would be unpleasant if the whole world can see it. Is this an epic fail? No, not in relation to the other fails of DA before, but it additionally show the total ignorace to the idea of privacy. Please, if i write my all my personal datas plus sexual favorites to the NSA, can i have some privacy, or just a slight illusion of it back, mister - sir!?


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I'm doing some new stuff for the Shadowrun 3 RPG just for home use to keep this nice system for the future.
Now i also do some works for the Astara - the fourth Age and Magic&Technology roleplaying game

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Thank you very much.

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Chummers, die Matrix ruft zur Promo des Straßensamuraikataloges 2.0

Jetzt wo sich die ersten hundert und eppes Artikel des neuen Kataloges im Netz befinden sind Runner, Doc´s, Schieber und Militärs aller Art gefragt um ihre individuellen Erfahrungen und Einschätzungen zu den Artikel abzugeben. Denn ein Onlinedokument ohne Shadowtalk ist ein totes Dokument.

Nehmt eure Charaktere und/oder NSC´s und schreibt was die denken - einfach den Comment-Text in kursiv setzen und den Charakternamen drunterklemmen.


Das is doch eh alles von der Wirtschaft gekauft un von den Bullen gedreht...
- Brian the Meatmachine


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