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Part of :iconm-tec-age:

Kind of a medium autonomous tank of a unknown new player form the underground, not really spotet till now by the big nations of Astaras surface. The high tech machine is build in big numbers to fit in different positions, as heavy police support, military attack vehicle and even as silent hunter with upgradet A.I..
Powered by a chemical reaction cell and micro reactor it can handle the big amount of energy needet for it´s basic weapon system and drive. Weapon is a kind of kinetic rail weapon what fires a reactive element, found in the deeper depths of Astaras cave systems what, with ferromagnetiv elements combined reacts in target to a electrostatic effect. To vehicles and humans a similar shoking effect without a save of armor. The secondary weapons, the twin coaxial 30mm cannons are only a light backup against troops - and to be honest, more against heavy critters in the darkenss of Astaras caves. As well as these, the spotlight can be called a heavy weapon in the eternal darkness.
The drive is build up on magnetic balls, they can turn in neraly every direction, the balls at the end of the legs are in function wheels they can turn in every direction on flat terrain, and in heavy terrain it can be used as good schock absorbing legs.
The armor is easy made and of two sections, cause in the cavern systems heavy weapons are a rare spot(exept on the spider).
It is told that the tank can even operate under water, what would explain the device at the bottom, what can be a kind of waterjet. This would mean that the unknown nation has the ability to explore and hold even the cavernes with good filtered water. For sure the weapon systems would than use other ammunition, more like darts with smaler effect.

Bottom front:
Bottom back:

Fix rules will follow;)
Oh and - i did all stucures by my own

Eine Art mittlerer, autonomer Panzer eines unbekannten neuen Mitspielers, der bisher noch nicht wirklich von den großen Nationen auf Astaras Oberfläche wahrgenommen wurde.
Die High-Tech-Maschine wird in großer Zahl produziert und dient in verschiedenen Positionen, als schwere Polizeiunterstützung, als militärisches Angriffsfahrzeug und auch als stiller Jäger mit verbesserter K.I..
Angetrieben von einer chemischen Reaktionszelle und einem Mikroreaktor die zusammen den großen Energieaufwand bewältigen der nötig ist um die Primärwaffe und den Antrieb zu versorgen.
Die Primärwaffe ist eine Art Magnetschienenkanone das ein reaktives Element verfeuert, das sich in den großen Tiefen Astaras Höhlensystemen findet, welches mit eisenhaltigen Material angereichert im Ziel dann zu einer elektrostatischen Reaktion kommt. Gegen Fahrzeuge und Personen ein gleichermaßen schockender Effekt gegen den kaum eine Panzerung Schutz bietet. Die Sekundärwaffen, dei beiden koaxialen 30mm Kanonen sind nur eine leichte Abwehr gegen menschliche Ziele - und um ehrlich zu sein, die weit aus gefährlicheren Critter in der Finsternis Astaras Höhlen.
Gleichermaßen kann das Flutscheinwerfer als Waffe in der immerwährenden Dunkelheit angesehen werden.
Der Antrieb baut auf magnetisch gelagerten Kugeln auf, die sich in fast jede Richtung bewegen können. Dei Kugeln am Ende der Beine sind in ihrer Funktion auf glatten Flächen Räder die sich in alle Richtungen drehen können, und in schwierigem Terrain schockabsorbierende Füsse.
Die Panzerung is einfach und in zwei Instanzen aufgebaut, da schwere Waffen in den Höhlensystemen ein seltener Anblick sind(außer an der Spinne natürlich).
Es gibt Gerüchte das der Panzer auch unter Wasser operieren könnte, was die Anlagen an der Unterseite erklären würde, die eine Art des Wasserstrahlantriebes sein könnten. Was bedeuten würde das die unbekannte Nation über die Fähigkeit verfügt Kavernensysteme mit gut gefiltertem Wasser zu erschließen und zu halten. Natürlich würden die Waffensysteme unter Wasser anders amunitioniert, wahrscheinlich mit etwas weniger effektiven pfeilartigen Geschossen.

Unterseite Front:
Unterseite Rückansicht:

Feste Regeln folgen;)
Oh und - ich hab´ alle Strukturen selbst gemacht
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SpadeRiff Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome, but I'm worried the joints are going to be an obvious weak spot for a vehicle designed to take heavy beatings
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Against heavy weapon, for sure, but these are a rarely sight in the cave and caverne enviroment of Garafim. And against explosives, the shape has some benefits. But for bigger caves, like city sights or something, the walker for sure must modify its movment. So in attack walk, the front legs would stand much more in line with the vehicles body and guard the body with its inclined leg-armor. This way it can, even its not designed to exactly do this, make a good mobile cover for infantery. The joints beside this are a relativly solid design, so it can take a lot of low- or middle-caliber fire without bigger scratches. 
Enigmaticmuffin Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
good, but arachnids have 8 legs.
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Yes i know, but it´s an analogy, an technological abstraction. And "insectoid" doesn´t really fit´s to the shape and motion. 
If i would be pedantic, i would say that the weapon bay(concelealed by the head in the main picture through the head) and the below attached cannon are "limbs" too=P
Andecaya Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ich mag das ding wirklich sehr! Das design ist klasse! Aber wo genau gehörts denn nun hin?
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Dankefön ansonsten=D
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
great job, Nikita! :omg: I was going to comment on your Air Carrier Blimp first, but this Arachnoid Tank distracted me :D

are you familiar with an anime from the early 1980s called Taiyo-no Kiba Daguramu (Fang of the Sun Dougram)? it took place on a foreign planet occupied by Earth forces, and was loosely based on Israel's fight for independence in 1948. anyway, they use mechs, about 10m tall, both 2-leg and multi-leg. the early mech was a 4-leg tank called the Crab Gunner; later, a 6-leg tank much lower to the ground called Desert Gunner shows up. the Desert Gunner's design is much simpler (being a 30-year old anime, after all!), but it was similar to your Arachnoid Tank in having 6 legs...if anything, it was more arachnoid looking, the legs go up and out to the side, then down, like a spider. very late in the story, they are fighting in snow terrain, and a smaller one with only four spider-like legs called the Blizzard Gunner comes pops up out of the snow, fires, then drops down again before it takes return fire. I think that design was influenced by the Entwicklungs Jagdpanzer E-10 with hydro-pneumatic suspension
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanx a lot=D

No, never heared of till now - but a few pictures are maybe known form my younger days^^
For the design of my tank i had no idea at first, it cames with the work. Only idea i wanted to build into something was the magnetic suspension wheel(on this design also used for the links of the legs) - a friend and i had the idea 9 years ago. Then Audi told this to the movie makers of I Robot after a request for a futuristic car concept.
Yeah, i think my tank can also get lower to the ground. This would result in such a leg position like a spider, but i think this will be something like resting position. Minimal stress for the leg material and minimal space it needs to be stored.

Hehe - yes, Japan loves to use this designs. Think this is most of the strong imagery in storys the culture prefers, and the german tanks of this time have a strong pathos - beneth solid steel. AND, they have a love for the dieselpunk styles of the first world war, don´t know why.....
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
ah, Magnetic Levitation technology was in its infancy back when Dougram was made, so it didn't feature maglev on its legs. Dougram had a finite end with no sequel, unlike the Gundam franchise that keeps cranking out new stories. the closest thing to a sequel it had was Armored Trooper Votoms, same studio but different storyline with much smaller mechs only about 3m tall (cockpit takes up most of the torso). these ATs had a motorized wheel in the bottom of their feet, which make them move very quickly on pavement with a nice turbo-like whine (like a dentist drill sound)

yeah, Japan is very fond of 2.WK Germany, probably because they gained a lot of knowledge from them, like jet aircraft, Lenkrakete, medical science, etc. they also don't understand the darker nature of Nazism, so they like the uniforms, swastikas and such to embarrassing levels ;p it goes back to the mid-1800s, when Germans taught them modern medicine (I talked with Andecaya about this...many medical terms in Japan are in German) and gave them the first guns (I'm watching a period drama on NHK TV where they are obsolete flintlock muskets called Gewehrs, probably an early Mauser?). while they fought against Kaiserliche Germany in 1.WK, they got a raw deal from the Allies who encouraged their help in taking out German colonies in the Asia-Pacific theater, then when the war ended, they didn't want Japan to keep these colonies for themselves, but to return them to the natives. really. thousands of Japanese die to conquer these outposts, and the Allies want them to just return them, when the Allies themselves maintained colonies all over Asia-Pacific? is it any wonder that Japan became allied with Nazi Germany, and unlike Italy, remained a loyal ally up to the very end? thus unlike most all other nations on Earth, Japan has good feelings about 2.WK Germany, so it is not unexpected that German Panzer designs pop up in anime (like the PzKpfw III in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood) :D
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hah - found the reason why some designes looks known to me. The Game Battletech stole a lot of designs from Animes, always wondered who stole from the other on the Macross stroys=P
Now Wikipedia told me.

The japan guys love mechs for its tech^^

Yes that´s some reasons. Beneth this there are a few other, not so logical, things. Germany, America and England had a ebassy in China, Beijing, after the loos of the opium wars. The Japan invade a ranged part of China where a german military outpost was placed. And a relatly small outpost strikes back the whole invasion army, these impress the Japan as well as the Chinese alot. The Japan, based on a warrior cast what first unite the land and so characterize the society, are proud and see a respectable enemy. This respect never fall off.
A famos quote of a Chinese these days was "The Japan are wolfes, but the Germans are tigers" - what was fascinating, cause the Chinese was oppressed and disempowered form the Germans, not the situation you found such words(in your and mine cultur backround).
It´s hard to say but, Americans had a much more players behavior than the German, so they insult the Japan by every situation(without the intention to). The Japan had first asked the Americans for modern weapons, but this failed epicly through this cultural differences.
So Germans got the reputation as best representatives of the remaining world(in the sight of Japan).
Then anoter aspect is that the Japan loves tech in a very special way. Perfection in all its ways have a religious part, and this goes such far that in mythologie every unliving thing has a soul, or better a spirit called Kami(you shurly know if you interest in Anime;)). A masterworked sword for example has to be respected as the mighty, death bringing Kami it is. Carry it with cutting edge downside insult the Kami and will let it fail in combat.
The germans also had a love for tech and function, even much more pragmatic. This was a kind of equal language between the cultures. And our military nobels are a good equal to its own Samurai caste(even also absolutly different in founding and meaning). The pathos of smart tactics and win-or-die ideology are also a winning point for the Germans. So a strong friendship was established(even if both sides surley had not the slidest idea how this could work XD).
Narzism is a tricky thing.....every single culture gots it, as older, as more tradition as "the same" culture it has the stronger is the feeling that everyone else are less worth, or at last wierd. Yes, the Japan had a, from our point of view, strong narzistic ideology. The hard and most time very cruel wars of the uniting of the land has forged a militaristic pathos. Beiing part of something bigger, making a honorfull life. But i always thought that the short form Nazi was a little confusing - narzism means just loving itself more than normal - but Natsoc´s maybe sound not so good..., another point could be that "national socialisms" is a fitting word for all involved nations during 2.WW XD
But to be honest, i´m more in the society backround than on political or history, i always take the parts i need and not really sort the rest=P
So i´m not sure about the timeline of all the events.
But i can say, for the normal Japan guy at the 2.WW it was unthinkable that the Kaiser could be wrong in any desicion(cause he is elected from heaven, the gods and the Kamis), and he(how unique in history-.-) was forced from his high militarys to go in this war. These guys were blindet by its new strength the modern weapons has brought them and the fact they feel outclassed from a now much bigger world.
Much more then felt, the Japan has lost enourmous ego and culture with the loos of the war. All what the people had believed in was shattered, it was maybe comparable with a America this time, if all christian believer got the proof that there faith is a pointless joke.
All of the traditions today was restored but never brought on that level, its now more a relict today what was keept with great love. This old ideal was seen everywhere in Japan today, most in new patterns. The big concern succsess of the ´80 and ´90 was build on a social understatement of the medevil times. You live for your concern and increase its power and honor.
Think this designs was a reminiscence to lost times and its charm.

Wow....that, all in all, sound a little depressive ah?.....sorry....
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
oh not at all! it's obvious you have studied the ethos of both Germany and Japan a lot, and I am impressed! :thumbsup:

in FASA's old BattleTech map-game, Dougram is one of the mechs they borrowed, called Shadowhawk or something. it was one of the first mechs with Jump Jets, had a backpack mounted Big Gun, and was blue and silver in color. that game borrowed mechs from at least three animes including Dougram and Macross

I agree about the respect of perfection that both Germans and Japanese have. it's too bad that in the past, there was little of Japanese quality that was readily useful to Germany, because katanas were obsolescent in the age of guns, and the best rice doesn't trump a good Kartoffel or Gebäck ;) sure there were pearls and silk, but it was only recently with the advent of affordable high quality electronic things that Japan finally produced something (other than anime, sushi and supertankers) that the Germans could use in quantity

what little I know of early 20th century in the Pacific, before 1.WK, the English, Americans, French, and I believe the Dutch didn't want Japan to be more powerful. these countries already had colonies, and didn't need an upstart Japan to become competition. Germany seemed to suffer similar "elbowing", being a latecomer to empire-building, in Africa and Asia-Pacific. Japan's misfortune was being very late to the game, and thus they met resistance at every turn

I believe both the Germans and Japanese also respect hierarchy, the order of authority, in similar ways. when the elders make poor decisions, though, not questioning authority has gotten people into trouble. as both countries transitioned to democracy, it has made it easier to keep an eye on the politicians (the Japanese may take things too far, changing prime ministers like one changes underwear) to minimize blind faith. their peaceful pursuits after the war has made both countries a lot more popular around the world than with the force of arms

sometimes hanging onto old ideas like Yamato-damashii or Bushido just gets you labeled as a barbarian as times change. it's easy for the rose-colored lenses of ignorance to make the past seem better than it was. people of many countries have put on those glasses, and it rarely turns out for the better. still, like my avid interest in the Byzantine/Eastern Roman empire, nostalgia can be like candy ;p

sorry for my long digressions in the comments for your Arachnoid Tank, but I thoroughly enjoy talking with you! :D
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe^^ It´s fun to exchange such thoughts. Never really decidet to interest in human/societys behavior but....
Just "a lot" could be a too strong word XD

These guys wasn´t very cautious by collecting ideas. Even Lucas Films Ltd. has sued them for used word creations....omfg....
Sounds like the Mad Cat, but i don´t really know. The Cat was stolen by Macross
- this i know(and was still used).
Never found a connection to the game, but as option i had startet Warhammer 40K:lol: also could be a reson that i grow up in a games store of roleplays, tabletops, cardgames and such stuff^^

True, but we was two real small lands with not a good idea who the other really is. And without the globalisation such processes are much slower. Its so sad that Japan has more and more lost its special quality tradition to become a worldwide industrial player. The high suicide rate, and some extrem wierd parts of livestile not so less Japans did follow are a result of that pressure in combination with traditions who fall off from ther normal lifes. Sacrifice are wanted from the corperations, but they didn´t give this back to the people. It´s a one way tradition, and this burn out the people.
Hey - if you have to eat potatos all the time of your life, you would do alot for rice XD
Its a shame that Germany ignores the Japan today so much, even if the Japan show ther respect until the present day. But our politicans make good friends with(for example) the Chinese, who have gave up every remembering of its history. I don´t think this honor codex hasn´t a place even in todays society, maybe this would cure some problems in the world what was direct results of the loos of any feeling for honor.
Unfortunally war is the most realistic thing what would happend......

As sayed, i had a lot of lacks about precisely dated and assigned history. In school we didn´t learn much about history. I came from Hessen(i know you know^^), what is(all in all) the county of low education and earnings. So we learn the most time that the Germans are the bad guys in 2.WW. Thats enough for people who are risk groups to become neonazis(cause of no hope for the future)....
Ok, these are maybe a little hard words, but more than one time i got this feeling at school.

Hmmm, both are going a long, and different, way to this point. And both are not so easy to told "servants of the magistrate". In Germany around 1800 everyone has a voice, and as far as the person is from noble or rich as more silent is was(like todays democracy). The Germans has always fought, often against themselfes what absolutly goes into blood since we run around with a boar head on the head. That leeds to a strict hierarchy, what was hard proved from all people. So obedience was ever a strict rule in fix groups, family bounds, military, nobles.....but between this we ever fought and tried to get higher in the social world. The second world war was not the result of obidience in any way rather than of the opposit. Hitler had used the waves from the crash `20 and the political disunity of the normal people for its raising. Without a bunch of different fighting political partys and poor hungry pople on the streets nobody has cared for a freak who names a random reason for all bad in the world.
A funny thing is that Hitler was a democrat more than Hindenburg, who had ever started such a war. But with populism you can do everything with people, even today.
So to say - whatever huge numbers of people do, it leads to trouble. People don´t want to learn or see things coming.
About Japan i can unfortally not say so much, cause here i lack a little in timeline. But also these guys have made a bloody path to a united land. And with the religious way of perfection in mind its hard to do something half. So you have to reign with great power to not let space for rebellion. They liked this clear sorting in castes(like the Indians till now). So i think its not a disvantage to have such a way of live, but like all things it can lead to trouble. Japan was at the abyss, the world made pressure to open up the land and weaken the Kaiser, Japan had no way to resist the financial and cultural pressure, as well as it can´t give up the Kaiser with its absolute power. Both would have(one has) lead to a breakdown. And the militarys had made the desicion to fight a war who can´t be won to make at last a japanic way of win, even nobody survives. And at this point the discussion can start if a death in best beliving at a higher goal isen more or less good than a life in shame and without hope. And the Americans, beneth some others, had not the slidest interest in taking this pressure away to give Japan a better way out of this situation. Money had ruled, and in the eye of the breadwinner, i swear you, is every horrobile war better than a Japan like it was 30-40 years after the war.
Yeah...the politicans....what you await from a culture who had not really an idea of this concept called democracy(to be honest, if i´m watching TV, i´m also not really sure...).
Yepp, popular is a perfect word for it. Freakingly damn much people in the world-wide-web think that Nazi-Germany was cool, so Germany is cool. But thats the problem....Nazis are dangerous, all world knows. But facism is ok, or not noticed.

I would say nearly all people at the world wear this glasses, and not only by watching the past. Unfortunally this remains the not-glassed people silent screaming and warning from the next comming iceberg. So i lost my hope that ther will not be another big war or something equal devasting.
Nostalgia wasen´t my little warm cave, but the gift to live in a time where we can watch back to so many different cultures and times is a wonderfull thing, i think. Even if payed with the knowledge that the failures of the past now just have better names and PR managers.
Yeah - like candy for sure. Sweet if tasted with calm, but makes a dirty pain if chewed XD

Oh no problem, who ever scrolled so long, has earned it.
And its MY artwork, we can WRITE as LONG as we want:evillaugh:
Dito, its interestng yes, i like such discussions a lot=D
BasileusIoannis Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
I think I played Battle Tech once or twice, even though I was very fond of mechs in high school. the feel of the game was more like a wargame, with long turns as each mech fired and didn't feel right, mech battles tend to be fast, and Battle Tech was anything but fast :shrug: I played the PC simulation game of Battle Tech, but it is old and under-engineered, it wasn't very fun to me...

I practically lived at hobby stores myself...mostly Plastik-Modelle and ROCO MiniTanks as a kid, then RPGs like D&D, Traveller, Twilight:2000, Gamma World, Champions etc. in high school. I started my current collection of metal MicroArmor (1/285-1/300) and 1/350 plastic warships in the 1990s, but since the mid-1990s, most of my time I spend on Steel Panthers series of computer wargames and MS Excel spreadsheets for US-Militär Gliederung und Ausrüstung (TOE) studies

as far as I understand it, Japan is dealing with more than Westernization...the combination of the stagnant economy since 1990s Bubble Economy and the empowerment of women has led to higher divorce rates and negative population growth as younger people aren't getting married as much, and those that do marry don't have as many children as they used to have. combined with increasing aged population, they are facing a crisis to continue taking care of older people. while they try to maintain their traditional music and arts, farmers have to turn more and more to machines as many children refuse to stay on the farm and go to cities to live. still, one bad tradition I wouldn't miss is arranged marriages...the whole concept was so male dominated, and I find the idea of marrying someone I barely know repulsive. I think that the shrinking population is a temporary thing, a "correction" of overpopulation caused by post-war growth mentality, and will reach Gleichgewicht soon

ach, everybody is talking to the Chinese, even the Japanese!:D but slowing economy has hit even China, which is not a bad thing...if they kept going at the phenomenal growth they had in the last 20 years, with what is it, 1300+ million people, they would have dominated the world economy more than they already do...a communist country with that much power is worrisome, from both a political and ecological perspective

yes, I agree, populism is quite capable of terrible things, and when combined with a strong adherence to hierarchy or with a like-minded majority, dissent can be suppressed. getting to the root of wars, it is easier to hate when one dehumanizes someone, thus even in a democracy, if the majority comes to hate another peoples, war can pass muster readily. the problem at hand is a matter of education, to know history so as not to keep repeating the same mistakes, perpetuating suffering. this knowledge must become universal, as it is worthless if only some people are tolerant of diversity and averse to war, while others (often in the same country) continue to hang onto obsolete concepts of superiority and "might makes right". democracy is just one facet to enlightenment, and while certainly better than autocracy, an under-enlightened population is still susceptible to propaganda and hate-mongering, which can lead to war by popular vote

equally important to democracy and education is fiscal well-being, that is, wealth is not polarized and focused in a small minority while the majority go hungry. I had an interesting discussion with a deviant about love being the cause of war, and it was getting to be as big a discussion as you and I have here, but that deviant ended up suspended, so I'm afraid that argument is lost ;p my premise was, when you have children you love, you will do anything to protect them and take care of them. when someone threatens their well being, by attacking them, or starving them, or denying them medicine for curable diseases, the parental instinct of protection can override self-preservation, resulting in self-sacrifice and war. thus, democracy and education must be tied to having enough of what you need, whether it be food and water, clothing and shelter, jobs and money, or hope and peace of mind. when those three facets are satisfied, the argument for hate and war loses the legs it stands on, and advocates for violence would get ostracized and dismissed. but as long as people feel disenfranchised, are ignorant, or suffer from want, there will always be opportunity for crafty powermongers to sway the populace into hurting their scapegoats, if only for a momentary reprieve from their misery

as far as the Naziphiles, they have a fundamental misunderstanding: Germany is not cool because of the Nazis, Germany is cool despite the Nazis ;) at the same time, while I don't condone what the Nazis did to its victims, Germany needed something in those dark post-1.WK years. the Weimar Republic was a joke, giving away its sovereignty to vengeful Allies who occupied its territory and forced it to pay massive reparations. what did that solve? not a damn thing, for it set the groundwork for the NSDAP to be democratically elected to replace the ineffective Weimar Republic, take back its sovereignty, and filled them with the resolve for vengeance of their own against the oppressors. it's a lot easier to hate when A. the people feel hopeless and suffer, B. an under-enlightened majority can be misled into blaming a scapegoat, and C. a foreign power controls your destiny. it is amazing that the two countries, France and Britain, who so espoused Roman ideals would miss the very reasons for the founding of the Roman Republic and overthrow of the Etruscan kings. but I'm sure I'm digressing again ;)
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

Hah, yes true, this i also mentioned. As i was younger and playing 40K i was such geek with extrem less calm. I played like a speed chees monkey, i even figure out the other players difficultys for the next role some times....

I´m sometimes a little obsesive in complex things like that.

The Battletech-people are most a little special, so i never found a good connection to them, two years ago i read a BT-book, more of happenstance, and really like this reallity. Wasn´t as clean as StarTrek or similar stuff, more like StarWars with more realistic parts, more dirta and over aged vehicles.

Haha, so much i know, if you were some years younger we had a big chance to meet each other(there are justa  few kilometers from hanau to Erlensee and its Fliegerhorst)^^ I know roleplay was also not unpopular to the Americans at Fliegerhorst, as a child i distribute promotion for our games store there. Was damn funny – as childs nobody realises us, we was first stoped deep in a security zone XD

From a nice girl officer^^

Survived also a lot of my childhood in a rpg/tabltop/LARP-social club......that was freaky times.....

My first live role play kill was another player – with 7 years.....what else should i become:rofl:

Japan yes....sure there are more problems, but i would estimate this more than such, i think, consequences of it. I´m not the fan of collusive marriage and such, but the culture runs fine with it like many others - so i don´t think i have to judge about. Japan traditions are hard to both genders.

The war also did it´s part in debalancing the people, but i think this would balance at it´s own, maybe through imigration of cheaper workers from China - just an example. germany had gain a rush from Turkish people after the war, one reason why this culture is so strong involved into ours(ok, on a very special way - but that´s another thematic).

The actual narrowness of the big citys, the less space for living, strict behavior rituals and the need for output makes hard pressure for the single individual. Male and female. And the modern art gives the worst overcompensation a face, the absolute unsettled kids try to imitate. What you think about learning sexual behavior if watching Anime? It must not even be Hentai to get a devasting idea of what these kids have to deal with. 

And the old game of - he think he must act like this and she think she must stand it - goes on. Some kind of self-flagellation and social acceptance....

I agree that this population thing isen´t even in range to the worst problems of Japan.

China is interesting i think. It was fallen into a everything-goes situation and did what everyone would have done. The criminals get political job discribtions and earn money while the little landlords manage the rural areas. And the economy grows from the point 0 on, what is a enourmous groth....on the paper.....

Unthinkable how stupid such business man must be to find this interesting o.O

But the normal evolution has also hit China, who never see this comming. Groth stops(waht is absolutly normal and unpreventable - you can´t produce 7% more each year forever) and money from this source was shown as fictional(like America and Europa has seen the last two years, or maybe a little more). Then the criminals must fight about the last coins and will getting into strife. Beside this, no big country is managable so easy. Ther are a few tricks to keep the people entertained, at last enough to not burn down politicans or call out revolution and indipendence. At first, the most loved trick is - war. Call one little ethnic group the badass and the rest is united. America choose the Arabians and we have choosen the Jews. Tibet and Mianmar had to serve this position till now, but even the Chinese people will see that ther mostly Chiese people living. So a real war is needet. What a luck that China has armed his troops with new modern stuff the last years. Don´t know who will be the badass, but the conflict about a few little islands with Japan was a test, how the Japans will react. Russia wouldn´t be stupid enough to get lured, but maybe America is outraged enough to start another proxy war. Between 5 and 10 years i think. 

Must be wonderfull liberating to kick all traditions and reamins of a high culture.....

Education is a problem in itself. Cause it must brought to the peole in as much tongues as you have listeners, and if you equalize the message you got a meaningless mesh of misunderstanding and wrong interpretations. A example, i told you about my schools, i hear again and again that the germans are the bad guys and have to shame. Then you listen to historical documentations and see that this is a little easy spoken. In addition you don´t want to be a bad guy also just of a goverment not even your dad have seen with own eyes. And at alst - and this is a point only for more inteligent people - you see that other states, the good guys of the past, do the same things like the Nazis with broad agreement of all nations, goverments and people. 

This was for some of my class mates a way into the assumption that being a Nazi is a way of defending against this injustice.....o.O

As i have told, Nazis are evil/facists are cool - a great man who can explain this to me........

First all people at the world must rise its IQ about 20-30 points, than i see a way out of repeating the mistakes of the past, or standinf voiceless at the side of the things happend. 

Also democracy is a carved out lair fir criminals. Tell me when a politican have managed something you has elected him for. Or when was apolitican elected for what he has said rather than for how muchelection partys he has celebrated. 

American election has something like a circus with clowns, chicks, elephants and donkeys. We have not even this.....So again and again our politican repeat empty phrases of something we all know they wouldn´t do, just even can´t do if they would have the will. 

And to be honest, i´m happy to have better weapon controls, cause if stupid people, easily gained by by the next hatefull voice who declare someone as the reason for all misery at the world, can buy weapon, of absolutly no substantiation reason why on the half/not controled market, can go anywhere and kill someone, i don´t feel very save. And much more if i ordinary say things against the herds feeling. 

I search for a answear a long time what for creatures must hunt in America that a hunter can have juse of a M82A1? 

Yeah, everything starts somewhere. I agree that i understand every Al Qaida guy who ohas choose this way to get revenge for a killed child. But there this education thing starts again. Who is guilty? Are you killing Afghan children trhoug let you politican do criminal acts? Did the father wrong by not recognising what his neighbours plants were sold for? 

Iraq war. Reason was a dictator, buid up by America. Al Quaida. Reason was a forged resistance of mercenarys America build up to kick the Russians out of Afghanistan. Try to explain this to a regular American who have lost someone at 9/11.

You can´t force teh people to think about what they do, maybe in a circle of frinds, most of the time - but not for a country, a land or, like it is needet for the example above, the whole world. Now all teh world have internet to know what exactly is the truth........i´m just to sad to laugh on this point.....

I´m always in the tricky situation to have no solution. Even i do nothing, it would be ignoring the evil guys next to me.

The Nazis, in optical style and in behavior was very popular, what wonderfull shows the teachability of humans. Many of Turkish people in Germany think they are cool and agree with ther "foreigners are dirt" idea. They also think so. Not too less Turkish people at my school thought killing a ethnic group is ok, even today!! Tukey have until today not said that they did mass murder on the Kurdes. I know some survivors, but nobody gives them attention like a Jew get, even if victim in third generation. My school friend was victim at his own. and nobody cares to say that this issent ok for a global player. Russia have murdered millions on 2.WW, Roma, Jews, own ethnic groups......not a single word in global history. America today is torturing and dealing with mass murders - not a problem. Israel has forget a secret service in best tradition of the GeStaPo and love to shoot at children, UN-personal and own people who not longer wnat that damn wall. They forged a land, Hilter would has been proud of. And all this falsity hurts a little. 

So you see - i´m also very good in digressing.

Yeah, smartness wasen´t a sign of this time for sure. All big players was cigar smoking fat guys with one hand on the balls. William Shattner, the series Boston Public shows relativly exact the person he really is. 

So nothing else can be expected. England has big balls and want the war, France was pissed from the 1.WW and also wanted it, even with more remembering of what it would mean. America has big balls and send the weapon transports to England in the knowledge that this is breaking the international rules, and declares the transporters to combatant units. German submarines don´t shoot on civil ships, we shoot on slaughter cattle his own goverment has made it to. So....maybe i can say, every politican has earned the absolut minimum of what he gained, but not the people, ok, not the few who not has cheered for ther own demnation.

Btw.....sometimes i wonder why popular patriotism is. Why can´t my goverment be false, only be beeing mine? I don´t think Germany is cool as less as i think all other lands are cool. Why so many land around the world have such a problem to take this?

I´m thinking some old cultures have much more good reasons for it´s wars and problems than we have. Making a mistake one time is for education, make it twice is for making it tradition......

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