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May 3, 2013
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M-Tec Nachtmahr Vektorthrust Tank A1`Groundcombat` by NikitaTarsov M-Tec Nachtmahr Vektorthrust Tank A1`Groundcombat` by NikitaTarsov
Part of :iconm-tec-age:

Conception for a vectorthrust tank. Exist in different variants to addept on evey situation and battlefield. Follows more the philosophy of sheer power than aerodynamic to bring massiv firepower to the modern battlefields of Astara. In addition it can carry some special purpoose troops, even in the size of minotaurs or trolls and set them under heavy protection in its field of application.


Fourfold 200x530mm particle accelerator cannon(kind of plasma cannon) with thermal area effect.
AA turret with 13mm, three barrel gatling cannon and two 25mm repulse rocket launchers.
83 230x131mm clearence grenades for ground or defence on close range.
Two 52mm auto cannons on extendable top plattforms.
Two 52mm auto cannons on bottom as cover fire for discharged troops on the tanks back.

Fix rules and owner will follow;)
Oh and - i did all stucures by my own

Konzeption eines Vektorschubpanzers. Existiert in verschiedenen Varianten um sich an alle Situationen und jedes Schlachtfeld anzupassen. Folgt mehr der Philosophie reiner Kraft den der Aerodynamik um massive Feuerkraft auf die modernen Kriegsschauplätze Astaras zu bringen.
Zusätzlich kann er einige Spezialkräfte transportieren, auch in der Größe von Minotauren und Trollen, und sie unter schwerem Deckungsfeuer in ihrem Einsatzgebiet ausschleusen.


Vierfach 200x530mm Partikelbeschleunigerkanone(eine Art Plasmakanone) mit thermischen Flächeneffekt.
Luftabwehrturm mit dreiläufiger 13mm-Gatling und zwei unabhängigen 25mm Abwehrraketenwerfern.
Zwei 52mm Autokanonen auf oberen ausfahrbaren Plattformen.
Zwei 52mm Autokanonen am Rumpf um ausgeschleusten Truppen Deckungsfeuer geben zu können.

Feste Regeln und ein Besitzer werden folgen;)
Oh und - ich hab´ alle Strukturen selbst gemacht
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so this thing is equip with 4 20 cm PARTICLE ACCELERATORS?! I think I've fainted. 
NikitaTarsov Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
20x53cm yes^^
But to prevent that this is get´s understood as some kind of weapon with a similar or same name, it from a idea of mine i had. Its a electromagnetic field, what was produced in the chamber, and feed with dusk size metalic particles, these, induced through the field, become a strong spin. So the particles induce the field, and the field gets stabilised through this catalytic converter. For sure not stable, but for the few seconds of flight, its self-stabilising. The field with the particles so can now fired like a usual rail cannon. In target, the particles carry a lot of thermic energy and the field hits deep into the electonic systems(cause ther own fields gets disturbed, like on a real world EMP-gun(wrong name for the concept, but it is America who use this thing)). 
So - not related to the Battletech PPC or such;)
(a great thing btw., as game designer i can up- or downgrade the weapon efficiency real easy on such fictional concepts, to fit in the game balance xD)
that is a awesome explanation. how long did it take to come up with that?
NikitaTarsov Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Nice to hear that it seems to make (some kind of) sense=P
Ö long as it takes to type it. Was floating in my brain since some time, doesn´t need long to get such ideas(specially through the most freaking ideas are still developed more or less, military just don´t want stuff what is not economically in support, maintenance or costs). So if i have some time where no new ideas came up, i re-invent some old stuff(like the Pegasus-light gas cannon for example) =P
then do you have a thor idea?
NikitaTarsov Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thor idea? Don´t get it:confused:
project Thor. also know as rods from the gods. its an orbital bombardment platform
NikitaTarsov Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Ah okay, yes i remember. As anexample okay, even i don´t really like it cause of the stupid imagination you as weapon developer:
1: are the only one who can bring items into the orbit
2: found a mysterious way to lever such solid projectiles into the orbit in a cheaper and more available way than using conventional weapons
The idea that such a unpractical and vulurable object can stay just a single day in position is typical American thinking. Lasers are more or less okay, but if the tech level allows a orbit-ground attack, why that thing is safe from ground-orbit strikes? The only qestion would be a, again, a typical American concept - "we want to shoot AK-wielding guys on ther fields"!
The darts at last have some kind of charm, but again it is too problematic to lift whight just to drop it, and beneth that, no one can(and will for a long time(hay, btw a useless fact: the hardest computer of the whole world is doing exactly this, or try at its best, les than hundret kilometers away from me in this moment=P) make correct predict what tubulences, different air composition and electrostatic will do to the detemined attack vector.
Okay, this could be fixed through a guidance system, but this is extrem vulnurable through the reentry, and would make the concept of solid and shaped objects self-defeating:stupidme:
More usefull i think are such projects like the Russian thermobaric bomb, what was made of most simple parts, are incredible cheap and inflict much more damage than its parts, comprehensibility, cost and PR-liability should allow=D

In my storys i count planetary atmosphere as one of the best shields agains orbital attacks, it slows everything what wouldnt get burned, scatter laser and plasma weapons and makes direct fire weapons(what are these with the high kinetic energy amount) scary inaccurate. Just nuclear weapons are the exact opposit, they only make sense with atmosphere as a medium. 
This mass bombs are more realistic in a  world of daily space travel, but in same simulation the tech, to track and shoot this objects from the sky, is covering worth targets. 
Whouppp O.O
Again you pushed the "talk" button....foolish dude=P
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Andecaya Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ich steh auf den, keine Ahnung warum, vielleicht die vielen Verstrebungs-details. Ich find den cool :)
NikitaTarsov Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Groß, brachial, BumBum....nee, ich hab´ da ne Idee xD
Und genau das soll er ja auch.
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