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Stingray-class exploration boat Abyss by NikitaTarsov Stingray-class exploration boat Abyss by NikitaTarsov

Stingray-Class Exploration boat Abyss(former combat name 'Gungnir')

The Manta class is a special construction of high cost and very small noumber. It´s design and dimensions designate it as preadtor in the deep and open sea. So it´s made as survivor, explorer and - if ther is a need - as hunter, so mysterious and rarely that many maritimer still call it 'Dutchman', and well, you can say it can fly.

The internal space was once planed to carry a lot of weapons, but later it was obvious that such a stealthy first strike weapon is more a threat to peace than a assurance for it. A lucky mistake in planning become a great tool to conquer the regions of the deep sea they are unexplored yet - for different reasons.

Many regions are undefined teritorry which lure black market traders, pirates, private coorperations and mining companys. Each of them tricky to handle, more of them at the same time a explosive combination. Specially when inexpertly mining can detonate large ressource fields and cast deadly tsunamis to the next shores.

For this mission, the lucky mistake is a great tool which otherwise - possibly - never had been financed.

Without it´s extrem weapon loadout of ballistic and maritime missiles it carry enough space for living room of a huge crew as well as labors, moon pools and all it needs to conquer the blue darkness.

The flat body have several benefits. With smart structure elements(the hexagonal platings) it can redirect the pressure of around 1,8 kilometers water above it´s head on so many, felxible internal parts that it doesn´t get crushed like most other deep sea vehicles would. Also it can land on relativly even ground without taking damage. A idea that was made first to lie in cover and play dead.

Theoretically the bodys shape would create a large wave while cruising direct beneth the waterline, but the engines work prevent even this. So it can run short beneth the waterline with a minimum of telltale signs.

The huge versions of waterjets take in ther liquid medium on the whole front side of the body, exactly the water that would be stowed and build a wave. The taken water cool all engines, reduce the thermal signature in water and support the chemical fuel cell with never ending power while as a result of this process it also produce oxygen.

The large vector-shovels on the four engines allow a extrem manouverabilty in all directions.

The small bumps on the body contain the EM/Microwave emitters that was designed for the service as battleship. Beside the small tactical relevance to kill the most stuff in a dozen meters range, it can generate a massive oscillating wave in it´s close area. This heat up the water - or at last do the same physical effects as heat - and create a own, blury thermocline, which reflect sonar and passive noise sensors as well as thermal sensors and water- displacement-heat-trackers.

If all this systems fail, or a offensive stratgety is needet, the boat have 2x3 magnetic torpedo launchers of variable caliber, up to 1200mm(for small drones and minelayer), in front direction. Against hunters ther are 2x1 launcher of the same type installed in rare direction. The planned weapon type was a huge 900mm super-cavitation-missile with massive warheads and a small A.I. guidance. In it´s new role it was primarily fittet with x3 or x8 drums of smaller 300mm/150mm s/c-missiles with EMP or thermite-warheads to slow or incapacicate enemys. The same drums can carry starter pods for sea-air missiles against flying targets, which aim on optical parameters.

All this weapons have a travel speed of around 1.100km/h, less if very deep. Maximum save depth to fire this weapons is 900meters, 150 for anti-aircraft-missiles.

A new weapon system complete the loadout. This s/c-missile came in x3 drums and combine the s/c technology with thermobaric efficiency. Here the gas-sphere is not only a shield against the water friction, it also keep the leached oxygen reacting and transport the kinetc energy into the target. Under water this missiles become a neon blue lighning and was called "plasma bolts" from many mariner.

The little wings upside and downside the body was to lie safe on the ground while the moonpools are still a bit free, and to bring the sensors out of the water without getting slowed through traveling ermerged. Left side carry radar/lidar, while right side carry antennas and periscope.

In the new role a big noumber of flaslights was installed to give every corner of the deepest sea a sunrise. Both moonpools are pressure shieldet from teh rest of the boat, and can extend platforms which set out the smaller crafts, which simply said are smaller versions of the big fish. They just shouldn´t cross the 700meters border too much.

In the tail section the most living space for crew is set. For this reason here are the 8 escape pods placed, which can survive even in greatest depth long enough to rise up. Pressure exchange netherless will take a while, and the escaped can decide if they want to rise up to the waterline, or float on a specific depth.

Also in the tail - short before captains quarter - are 4x12 active countermeasures. This noisy, steaming grenades try to lure and/or damage a incoming weapon, so also a short moment of uncertainty can kill a incomming torp.

At last, the bridge is hidden into the body, and not conecctet with the observation bay. Till 700meters depth this bay on the front is a walkable area to really feel captain. Beneth this line it get floddet to reduce pressure, and remain as observation bay for the optical sensors of the ship. A sphere of multi-spectral cameras always looking over captains shoulder here, and make him/her feel like the ship has a personality.

It´s speed is on the sea 12knots, 25 while submerged. Additional 10knots can be made with an activatet EM/Microwave-field, and again additionally 10knots when overheating the engines. Very deep cruising reduce the speed through density, while the EM/M may compensate this for a while, but cost a lot of energy on such cold areas.

As a slight vision of a better tomorow the boat is very expensive, and in need to pay willing support. The group of companys who in fact run the Abyss-program have more different goals as company names. A daily proof of individual might between managers make the commander of the boat a political, economical and tactical position. On the other hand of political threats and haggling it gives the commander much more freedom for his/her decisions than every other corporate ship captain have. Quick decisions are needet, and the corporations would often dress up a situation in hindsight rather than to get blamed for have a non-cooperative comander(and get fired for such a inability).

High(with wings and antenna): 10m(12,5m)

Width: 96m

Length: 99m

Small submarine 'Pike' - one-man-sub, pilotet in lying position

High: 0,6m

Width: 4,2m

Length: 3m






Rare-Close with escape pods:

Original blueprints with internals(made by

Original idea by my chummer

If you´re not Nightlife9k, you´re not allowed to use, copy, rework or even do anything with his property! Exeptions are just with his  explicitly permission.

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xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
you know, i like this a lot, ive always wondered how to turn a sea sub into a dreadnaught kinda thing like we do with space ship stuff. You know, cuz sea units have to be hydrodynamic usually. turn it into a flatish sea scorpion shape! excellent. different, dig it.
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Hehe, thnx. Basic optical idea is made by tarynsgate. I had some trouble to explain the shape in a technical perspective, but hell, that´s the sport i like so much xD
Hydrodynamic is a interesting point where you can turn a lot with new technologies(some of the we actually have but...what for:shrug:). And in the end - find new ways of thinking about ships(planes, spaceships, blender...), and hell we really need some new designs today....
xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yes, definately.
tarynsgate Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh, I never expected to see those blueprints get turned into a real 3D model! this is beyond cool, thanks so much for showing me! 

I'm just. Wow. Like really. Wow. XD
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Was a pleasure, and even more through your acceptance of my work=D

It still felt wierd to drive someone elses ideas further, and i´m really relieved that you like the result^^
tarynsgate Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I never did expect it XD I thought it was going to be used in a book but never did I think it'll become a full fledged 3D model!
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Tramira Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Student Writer
Cool design and perspective :love:
NikitaTarsov Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thanx a lot!^^
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